Trans woman at the club

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The hologram of Shelby was smiling proudly, she'd never heard of this procedure that Derrick had Conner using. If in fact it worked as well as Derrick and Conner had said then they could be out of here well before the Rangers arrived. Though he was still somewhat afraid after almost frying his brain, Derrick knew he had to once again step into the breach with his project. Though at present he had more than adequate amount of knowledge, he was still at an impasse as to what to do with the ships, or to lessen the chances of their destruction. After the last battle, though they had all survived Derrick felt that as advanced as they were they should have come out of the battle with far less damage. 0 - 1 - By now, I was very horny. I started to fuck her but after just a few strokes I stopped. She asked what was wrong and I said I was about to cum so wanted to hold it. She said she wanted to feel me cum inside of her ass and told me to fuck her hard. I began pounding her ass hard and within just a few more strokes I yelled as I shot my cum in her ass. After I was done cumming, I reached under her and stroked her cock. She laid down and I laid on top of her. I kissed her neck and told her how beautiful she was. She turned her head smiled at me and gave me a big wet kiss.