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Top 3 Signs He Won't Marry You

These are the top 3 behaviours I’ve seen in men over the years that are red flags in any relationship. If you think he’s ready to commit, read these top five to ensure that he’s long-term material.

Warning Sign #1 – He Doesn’t Speak about Your ‘Future’. If your beau is not talking about long-term plans with you for at least 2, 3, or 5 years ahead, this is a sign that he hasn’t entertained any thoughts that require him to think that far in advance. He hasn’t thought about the saving required to purchase a ring, plan a wedding, or prepare for children. He is not ready for marriage.

Warning Sign #2 – He Avoids the “Where are we Going?” Conversation. If you are dating a man who stonewalls you every time you try to have a serious conversation, treats your complaints or feelings as a joke, or simply changes the topic, your man is not ready to marry you. A man who is truly ready for marriage is not afraid to talk about where the relationship is going. If you’re the one, he will say “I would like to marry you someday,” even if he can’t say that time is now.

Warning Sign #3 – He Hasn’t Invested in Time with your Parents, Friends, or Family. When a man truly wants to marry a woman, he knows that he needs to win over her family. Knowing and liking your parents will come in handy when you need help with the wedding, need a babysitter, or when you’re attending family events – and he knows this. Guys who are ready for marriage understand the importance of family – children, parents, and even great-Aunts.