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In the 50's impatience had caused Floraspring individuals to decide to forgo the diet plans and exercise regime and take pills to bring about rapid change. The sensational results anticipated were not rapid weight loss but heart valve disease. These drugs were immediately withdrawn. Through increasing serotonin levels in the brain,which in turn creates the believe that the stomach is full,the metabolic rate of the individual is increased. In time, society came to realize that these pills were not the best weight management practices to even consider.

Even with the advances in medical technology many diet pills await FDA approval before being taken on to our shelves. Some of these products will cause nausea, vomiting and in some cases even strokes. The benefits of a sensible exercise regime combined with a rapid weight loss supplement will elevate the individual beyond anticipated levels. The dimensions of an individuals life affected are unilateral. The best rapid weight loss product includes a good diet which consists of fiber, fruits and vegetables, less animal fats and essential minerals and vitamins. The sensation caused by a creative and effective health plan will cause sensational results for the individual. A smarter, more focused and streamlined physical and spiritual being will ensure greater confidence and added zest and vigor to life.

Some more serious side effects of weight loss and diets are diarrhea the occurrence of convulsions, fever, sore throat, experiencing frequent headaches, the incidence of pale or yellowed dark colored urine, and/or weakness the person may start having easy bruising or bleeding, and also feeling unnecessary confusion, agitation, hallucinations.