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Seduction – boost her desire

As the modern woman continues to push her sexual boundaries, she has become more receptive to all kinds of kinky practices. What you may not realize, however, is how valuable the little things still are. Yes, those fuzzy handcuffs you gave her for the holidays certainly will spice things up in the bedroom. Be seductive, surprise her with little things every now and then. Keeping that spark on is hard to do after a while in any relationship, but a bit of teasing, especially with the help of a few naughty toys or new techniques will keep you both in the bedroom more.

Seduction is the act of enticing someone into a desired state or position, it’s a portion of the game that forever requires practice. Seduction never lies. Seduction is not moving in on the drunk chick, seduction is an art, seduction is a skill. Seduction is founded in confidence!

1. Put her arms behind her head

This is a very good move that usually will conclude with a very horny chick beneath you. Every woman enjoys it when her man takes charge, no matter how dominant she is. This move will balance the dominance in bed into your advantage. As you slide over her body, take one of her wrists in your hand, gradually raise it over her head, and push it back toward the pillow. If she doesn’t have vigorous objections, do the same with her other arm. Your firm hold should remain at her wrists, but it shouldn’t be painful! Pay close attention and you’ll be able to keep her in the comfort level and adjust your efforts, the best way to determine this is to simply ask if she likes it.seduction boost her desire

2. Smoothly place your hands into her hair

This move turns even the coldest woman to mush in a very short time. No matter the length of her curls, having a man’s hands in her hair will definitely result in her melting in your hands. Always start at the back of the neck, because this area is extremely sensitive. Gently work up the hairline and apply gentle pressure to the scalp as you go deeper into her curls. You can kiss her while doing this and with your hands in her curls you can give her a playful tug to get her really into the groove, so that she will know that the fun is just starting!

3. Flatter her

This is crucial for sex, a well-chosen compliment spoken at the right time makes a woman feel like you want her, and not just her body, as women need to feel a deeper connection. Flattering her during sex will give you an edge because most men aren’t very verbally during sex. Women will never get tired of flattery if it’s genuine.

4. Respond accordingly to her efforts

When a woman is in bed with you, especially when she’s performing oral sex on you, let her hear what you’re feeling. She’s not in bed with a statue, so respond accordingly to her efforts. That will help her ego to grow and after that she will really let herself go wild.

5. Make her entire body the object of your desire

Don’t lose track when you reach your favorite part of her body, go on and explore her entire body, her most intimate parts, but remember, the key is to take your time, move slow and enjoy every new discovery that you make. Through the practice of this you’ll know whole new parts of her that will make her tingle in new ways and you’ll make her feel special.

A final advice for not messing up, you should be clean, well-dressed and well-groomed. You act your best when you look your best.