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Addressing Gender Differences in Married Couples Men are easily turned on sexually. This may sound funny for some, but it is actually based on scientific data. Women on the other hand, may need a little more effort to get them in the mood. Sex is a gift to be enjoyed. It does not have to be a source of conflict in relationships. Men are known to be easily aroused without the need for foreplay or even conditioning of the mind. Their sexual desire is based on visuals. What they see turns them on. They also view sex as a primary need that should be prioritised before anything else in a relationship. On the women’s side, sex is only secondary, behind other things that make a relationship work. This is due to their belief that sex does not only involve the physical aspect, but also the emotional. These different views of sex between men and women need not become a big issue in marriage or become a source of conflict. Couples should learn to accept that in relationships, there are times that they will not agree on something – for instance, the husband wants to get intimate but the wife refuses. The key is to have respect for each other’s wants and opinions. Couples should bear in mind that a person does not stop being an “individual” even when a spouse exists. And that by respecting his/her other half’s rights, he or she is also showing love. This Article was influenced based on my friend who is a paper writer at a leading paper writing service.