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Landslide - This happens when the stability of mountain Tact Bivvy slopes is weakened by certain factors such as erosion. It is a kind of calamity that uproots boulders and may cause a lot of deaths specially to people who lives near mountain sides. I was teased a lot before the Northridge quake. I went through the house and did everything I could think of to prepare for it. My husband was outright laughing as he used plumber's tape to fasten the water heater to studs in the garage. My kids thought I was nuts when I demanded every flashlight be put back *exactly* where it had been found.

The kids did enjoy the children's book I drew and wrote for them about what to do. In fact, many of the children in their school asked for me to read it aloud in the classroom. I hope that it really helped them when going through this experience. Being in an earthquake feels a lot like you and everything around you is going through the agitator cycle in an industrial sized washing machine. They said later that those of us on the second floor of a building pulled about 2 gs. I believe it.

Lesson one: Have working flashlights immediately available. The power will be out, and if it's dark out, you'll need light. Don't put them on the floor, remember that agitator cycle. The flashlight could be anywhere except where you need it. The teasing stopped when both of us could put our hands on working flashlights before we got out of bed. We had one neighbor come out to check her water main with a lit candle. If there had been a gas leak, I wouldn't be here to write this list. Candles are not the ideal lighting after an earthquake.