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Enable your IT teams to secure and manage Mac devices with easy enrollment, automated application installation, macOS specific restrictions and a wide range of security settings.

Top 10 Diamond Company in India[edit]

10. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd. is a popular diamond company in India. Since the year of its inception in 1984, the company has shown enormous success in the diamond market by offering mesmerizing designs and certified diamonds. The company is ranking #10 on the list of 10 diamond manufacturing companies in India because of delivering 100% customer satisfaction. 9. PC Jewelers One of the top Diamond brands in India, PC Jewellers runs its own Diamond company in India with an annual revenue of over 1,000 Cr. PC Jewelers is specifically known for providing high-diamond jewelry with certified stamps. The company has talented craftsmen who are experts in manufacturing and crafting beautiful diamond designs for every occasion. With the strengthening of 68 showrooms in 5 Cities in India, PC Jewellers has become the Diamond king of India. 8. Renaissance One of the Diamond manufacturers in India, Renaissance Ltd. assures 100% satisfaction to the customers with their pure and articulate diamonds. This is the best-known diamond company in India for its innumerable artistic designs and exclusive collection ranges from Bangles, Bracelets, Nose pins, Earrings, Pendants, and many others. Today, the company is ranked #8 on the list of diamond companies in India. Read Also: Top Logistics Companies In India Ranked As Per Revenue 7. Thangamayil Another diamond company in India is Thangamayil which is known as one of the top Diamond manufacturers in India as of now. Due to its exceptional quality and highest ethical standard, the company has over 1500 cr. turnover annually. Today, the company is well-known in the jewelry market for offering hallmark gold, quality diamond and other latest design ornaments. The best part is, the company also offers a savings scheme to customers in order to invest in gold jewelry. Thangamayil is the most-trusted and largest international Diamond industry where people can customize their diamond according to their preference and choices.

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