Vacation with my family - part I

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Alice was confused. How did Kat already know what had happened? Alice replied “How did WHAT go?”, and Kat responded with “The sex talk, silly! Your mum came to me and told me she'd be talking about it with you, since my parents already had the sex talk with me she wanted to know some good topics to include. So, I'll ask again. How did it go?” Alice responded “Oh, you know, it was the standard boring stuff you learn in sex ed at school, except at the end, my parents started talking to me and J about masturbation.” the response was “Wow, really? Have you tried it yet?”. “Have you?” was Alice's almost immediate response. “Um, yeah. Yeah I have. Me and Mark had the sex talk at the same time, and afterwards we both masturbated, have been ever since. We could hear each other through the walls. It was a bit weird.”. Alice replied “Oh, that's not anywhere as weird as what happened after OUR sex talk.”. “Well tell me then!”, Kat almost immediately responded. 0 - 1 - Sarah and me are younger copies of our mother with only small differences.‭ ‬Sarah has curled blonde hair while mine is straight as well.‭ ‬For being only‭ ‬13‭ ‬Sarah has developed nice and firm‭ ‬32A cups.‭ ‬She is a little smaller than me but an eyecatcher like our mom or me.