Victorious: Corrupting Cat Part 3

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Karen had sucked me to hardness again, and I told her that I'd just about had my limit. While the two girls sucked each others cunts, Karen mounted me, and began a slow fuck. We watched Kat and Tracy, redhead and blonde, give each other multiple orgasms. Kat was sucking cunt like she was starved for it, and Tracy was trying to keep her face in Kat's gyrating crotch. 0 - 1 - With that Cat's head crashed down onto Jade's chest and the redhead's arm slid underneath the brunette's body so she could squeeze the Goth in what was a incredibly forceful hug considering Cat's size. The sudden increase knocked the wind out of Jade, something that would have pissed Jade off for any reason, let alone a hug. But Cat was just so happy Jade didn't have the heart to yell at her.