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What is Visual Basic?[edit]

Visual Basic is a third-generation programming language that is developed by Microsoft. It uses a graphical user interface to select as well as modify preselected codes created within the BASIC programming language. It is created from BASIC language and is used to develop web pages using predefined codes. If you are a student learning programming language, and Visual Basic is your assignment then you can seek Visual Basic Assignment Help from professional academic writers.

The predefined tools in Visual Basic, provide rapid application development (RAD) for the graphical user interface. It is an event-driven language and provides an integrated development environment (IDE). Visual basic allows you to program in a Windows environment. Visual Basic is the name given to a group of programming languages from Microsoft. It may refer to:

1. Visual Basic (classic), supported from 1991-2008

2. Visual Basic .NET (now referred to as simply "Visual Basic"), the current form of Visual Basic was launched in 2002 and it runs on .NET

3. Visual Basic for Applications, used for writing macros. It was built into programs such as Microsoft office

4. VBScript, an Active scripting language

Elements of Visual Basic[edit]

As the students start looking for Visual Basic assignment help, they should know about the various elements of Visual Basic. Given below are some of the elements of Visual Basic:

1. Selection And Repetition Structure- The Visual Basic programming language uses if/else statements and if/else/then statements for selection in programming. And for repetition in the programming visual basis uses loops.

2. Variables And Constants- Like any other programming language, Visual Basic uses variables and constants to store values. The value of variables change during execution while the value of constant remains unchanged. Hence, students must have a strong grip on the rules of programming in VB. Otherwise, they can seek visual basic assignment help from BookMyEssay, a professional academic writer.

3. Use of Operators- Visual Basic uses all the mathematical operators in programming like +, -, /, *, =, <> etc.

4. Tools to Design Applications- VB provides tools to design applications and web pages without any coding. Students must know this feature VB, so when they are given assignments in VB they can easily complete it. Additionally, there are some students who because of lack of knowledge seek Visual Basic assignment help.

Features of Visual Basic[edit]

Now let's see some of the features of VB, and find out why this language is so important:

1. VB can help in developing any web application, software, database

2. There is minimum coding required while working in visual basic.

3. The coding done in VB is similar to C & C++, thus it is easy to understand as well

4. VB requires no extra coding, it has a drag and drops feature, many types of applications, different forms for programming.

All these features of VB make it an easy language to learn. But still, many students are unable to make assignments in VB. They can surely take visual basic assignment help.

Applications of Visual Basic[edit]

Let's find out some of the key applications of Visual Basic:

1. It makes both software and applications

2. Designing in VB can be done easily without coding, with the help of the drag and drop function.

3. You can create file .DLL, .exe and Active X control.

4. Visual Basic has the capability to deal with large databases. Hence, people can handle large databases using VB. DBMS can be easily used VB language and script.

5. VB is the name given to a group of programming languages that include visual basic(classic), visual, visual basic for application (VBA), Gambas. Any of the languages can be used as per requirement.

Disadvantages of Visual Basic[edit]

VB is an excellent programming language developed by Microsoft. It is used to write web applications that access database. Let us look at some of the downsides of using VB:

1. It is slower than other programming languages.

2. Since it was developed by Microsoft, programs developed in visual basic cannot be easily transferred from Windows operating systems to other operating systems.

3. The declaration of arrays is better in C. It is possible to initialize an array in C at declaration, but it is impossible in visual basic.

4. As we know Visual Basic uses Graphical User Interface (GUI) based tools for development, it requires more space for installation. Graphical components need more space.

5. Visual Basic is not useful for making programs that use a lot of processing time such as games

6. The applications developed on Visual Basic are mostly supported for database applications and the graphics

Final words[edit]

Having discussed various aspects of VB, it is found that apart from some disadvantages, it is seen as a very easy language to learn. It is a graphics-based language with lots of tools. If you are a student learning programming, then you give your 100% in learning VB. If you still don't understand it then for reports and assignments, you can contact BookMyEssay. They are premium academic writers. Their experts are well experienced in visual basic, so they make assignments that cover all the topics related to VB. You can contact them on their website or call them, as their help desk is open 24 by 7.

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