Was it Rape?

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I pulled off him and sat on the other side of the couch, not liking where this was headed. Cassie said " It's okay you can watch." Amir seemed disappointed that I wasnt going to part take, but went back to Cassandra as she started to blow him. I watched a little but mostly looked away. It wasnt long before I left, maybe five minutes. They were too busy to notice. 0 - https://lesbianebony.com/ 1 - https://lesbianebony.com/c/drunk/ We drank a lot. I was trying to pace myself with non-alcoholic drinks in between the other drinks, but then he ordered me a shot, and then I ordered really expensive whiskey and we started having very explicit discussions about his sex life with Rose. Before the incident, they were not having sex, like at all. Rose had been very, very upset about that. For months. Now, they were swingers. I still think that makes no sense, that she never was a swinger or had had a threesome before but after her husband cheats on her, she starts having threesomes and swapping partners like it’s nothing…I digress. So there was a guy, Roger, that had been…guesting, I guess you’d call it. Frank told me he’d gone down on Roger and asked me if I thought that made him gay. I was drunk, so I can’t remember what I told him. Probably something like it doesn’t matter what I think.