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Simmons OneView offers consumer data on product and brand usage, spending behavior, lifestryle choices and media habits for U.S. adults. With Simmons, you can create customized reports analyzing the demographic and psychographic characteristics of product users and their media behavior.

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The Layout

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The main screen allows you to select two or more variables. You set up a cross-tabulation, or crosstab, to allow you to see the relationship between the two variables.

Common combinations:

  • Products  & demographic variables 
  • Products & lifestyle statements 
  • Products & psychographic profiles 

The Layout

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On the left side of the screen, in the Questions box, you can browse or search for “question” statements – referring to products, demographic categories, lifestyle statements, and psychographics. 

For example, the question highlighted below is “Which brand of coffee do you use the most?”

Which brand of coffee do you you use?

The Layout

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The middle box in the main screen is where answers appear when a question is selected, for example: “male,” or “35-50,” or “Pringles” Below are the answers for the Employment Status Demographic question

work status

The Layout

4 of 4You will be placing the answers you select in the Columns and Rows boxes on the right for crosstabulation.

Try not to overload your columns and boxes with too many variables. It makes interpreting the results more difficult.

Let's set up a crosstab.

Selecting questions

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First, let’s select a product.

  • Browse the folders on the left for "Health and Beauty Aids" 
  • Open the folder for Toothpaste by clicking on the triangle next to the folder
  • Click on “? Toothpaste – Brands Used Mo(st)” 
    • Use ? = do you use this brand? 
    • Brands most = do you use this brand the most?
    • Brands also = do you also use this brand? 
  • Once you click on the question, the possible responses should populate the Answer box. 


Let's compare Colgate, Crest and Tom’s of Maine.

  • Drag each brand into the Columns area 

Selecting questions

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Now let’s find out whether males or females prefer one of these three brands.

  • Open the folder for Lifestyle (Demographics) * Then open Demographics (Personal Information) 
  • Select ? Gender 
  • Drag “Male” and Female” into the Rows box 

You can run more demographic variables in the Rows box, but too many will make your resulting graph hard to read.

Running the Crosstab

It’s time to click on “Run Crosstab” in the upper right part of the window.

Run Crosstab

Once you are on the crosstab view, if you want to change anything – you can select the blue “Edit” bar that runs across the top of Crosstab window.


Interpreting & Exporting

1 of 4Your columns still represent the brand of toothpaste and the rows indicate the respondents who are male and female.

The total Sample shows the number of respondents who meet both column and row criteria: in this case, the males or females who use one of the three toothpastes the most.

Total Weighted (000) – in thousands, gives you the projected number of adults in US who meet both criteria

Interpreting & Exporting

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Vert % - is the percent of the column reached by row

For example, the percent of consumers who use Colgate who are male is represented by the Vert % in the corresponding square.

Horizontal % - percent of row reached by column

In this example, the percent of females who use Tom’s of Maine can be seen to be very small. (But the percentage of Tom’s of Maine users who are female is large).

Note that the results in the Male/Tom’s of Maine crosstab are so small that Simmons gives you a warning about their reliability.

Interpreting & Exporting

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The Index number indicates the likelihood of the target, compared to the total population, of meeting the specifications of both Column and Row. The higher the number, the better the target population is for that product. For example, 100 is middle – 130 is more likely, 72 less likely

Interpreting & Exporting

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Once you have run a satisfactory crosstabulation, you can also export it to Excel using the Export button near the top of the screen.

Multiple crosstabs are often required to get a good picture of a product's market.



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