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Vocabulary: University Relation (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate, Faculty, Staff) field: ->vocab-Academic Dept



Safety policy:

  • All makerspace users must be informed of safety equipment before starting any project.   
  • For safety reasons, a single makerspace user should never be left alone in the makerspace. ??

Usage policy:

  • The Makerspace is intended for personal and academic projects. Using makerspace equipment/materials for business/commercial projects is not allowed.
  • All university students/faculty/staff are allowed and encouraged to use the makerspace. The makerspace staff reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban users
  • University of Wisconsin System Administrative Code (UWS 18.10 (3)) prohibits dangerous weapons on campus. It also prohibits portraying as real any object that resembles a dangerous weapon. Makerspace users are prohibited from using makerspace resources to create dangerous weapons or parts thereof.

Equipment use policy:

  • Many pieces of equipment require training for safety or complexity reasons. A user may not use these pieces of equipment until the corresponding training has been completed.
  • When practical and possible, student use takes priority over faculty/staff use. ??

Website policy:

  • All content you create on this site is property of the university.
  • You may not include personal information in any content you create on this site.