Piazza della Signoria Statues

In Piazza della Signoria there are statues spread throughout the whole space. Additions have been made from 1416 to as recently as 2021. The statues depict men, women, animals, and mythical creatures. Almost every piece was commissioned by the famous Medici family and often had political meanings behind them. 

The Loggia dei Lanzi is an elevated building next to Palazzo Vecchio that has wide aches open to the street. This space draws attention with the pieces being framed by the arches but also by elevating them. It is known for containing some famous pieces, but also statues from the first century. 

Certain spaces hold more importance such as framing an entranceway or being elevated. The overall size of a piece can also influence interest, which leaves some pieces on the outskirts. All of these aspects can be seen in the Piazza della Signoria.