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This interview discusses Perry’s writing career and his early music career as a county-folk artist. Discusses his time at UWEC and Eau Claire’s music scene during his time in college and after. Goes on about the Eaux Claires music festival and other festivals in the area. Perry also discusses his radio show called “Tent Show Radio”.


Interviewers Zach Valk and Ivan Thull


October 26, 2017


--Full Transcript Not Available--


Background; LPN; English Teacher 7th Grade; Creative Writing Course; Paid to Write

Heartfelt essays on own time

New York Times

Music Writing (Country Music); Interest in music

Guitar Chord

Songwriting (relation to poetry); Music as a break

First Gig

Album recording


Justin Vernon

Long Beds

Writing is how he got to where he is now

Writes everyday; What he does currently

College time; Hotspots

WUEC; U2 and REM

Music in EC?

Wasn't just invented; Midway point between Chicago and Minneapolis

Country Jam


Electrician Talk

Everyone involved; More than singers

Don't go big in EC

Poetry Slam in EC

Ground zero for many things

Volume One

Individuals making moves

Venison Band

Before "Scene"

Big Top

Radio Show

Guest at Big Top

Commencement Speech

Owe so much to UWEC (writing course); Nursing and writing (human assessment)


Hands of the People; Blew down gates; Number of writers increasing (makes it harder to be heard)

Vernon's Tech; How it helped him

How long will he write

Fond memories

Eaux Claires Festival; "Scene" (Exclusion, overstates reality)

Very grateful; Intro speech

Fans; Different approach to speech; Crowd silence

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