Jerry Way Interview, pt. 2




In this second interview with Jerry Way, he explains more about his time in the union, the gigs that he did, and the growing perception of jazz in the region. Eau Claire was a union town, and music was no exception; being in the union opened up more venues of opportunity. Way became vice president of the union at one point and discusses the importance of the “bash” during the oral history. Furthermore, Way discusses the impact of DJs on the local music scene, as well as his opinions on them, and also the kinds of venues he’d play at during his freelancing years. Adding more to the history of his early musical life, he gives more information on the early stage band at Wisconsin State University-Eau Claire, and how it affected the perception of jazz in the city and larger region. He ends remarking on the wonder of current music culture in Eau Claire, and how the new generation of musicians learn.


Interviewers Elizabeth Schmidt and Carissa Dowden


November 27, 2018


--Full Transcript Not Available--

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