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Nobuyoshi Yasuda is a professor of music and director of the university orchestra. He opens this Oral History discussing his early life in Japan and how he was raised into music, as well as his experiences with music as a student in Japan. Following this, Yasuda explains what brought him to direct music in the Chippewa Valley and his experiences conducting in events and places such as the Pablo Center and Viennese Ball.


Interviewers Austin Gulbrandson and Randall Mortel


April 16, 2019


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0:05 This interview was recorded with Nobuyoshi Yasuda on 4/16 in his office at Haas Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. In this interview, Mr. Yasuda discusses his role as the orchestra director in the annual Viennese Ball. The interviewers are Austin Gulbrandson and Randall Mortel.

0:50 Mr. Yasuda describes his upbringing in Japan which fostered his love for music.

4:15 Mr. Yasuda discusses his involvement in youth orchestra and his music education

5:35 Details his college education in Japan

6:15 Describes thought process for leaving Japan

7:15 Tells of his educational experience in America, and his first desire to become a

7:45 Takes job for the conductor position of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire orchestra.

8:14 Explains the process of becoming the Music Director of the Chippewa Valley Symphony in 1993

10:10 Provides background of his relationship to Viennese Ball and its origins.

13:25 Elaborates on performances throughout the community

16:00 Touches on his thoughts of the creation of the new Davies building

17:38 Discusses how performing in the new Davies center compares to the old

18:50 Details how he made a transition from a passive audience to a dancing one

22:00 Talks about playing the same notes in different styles and his experience with German orchestra

25:30 English as a first language is incredibly advantageous

27:45 Analyzes changes made to the Viennese Ball

30:00 Prepping students for Viennese Ball

33:00 Significance of Viennese Ball

37:00 Not every university has an orchestra- expands by discussing how the Viennese Ball was one of the sparks to the cultural explosion in Eau Claire

42:00 Closing remarks – Pablo Center- Eau Claire has a rich culture and community, which will only get better with time.

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