Oral History Interviews

Jason Anderson Interview

Eaux Claires Festival; Bon Iver

Robert Baca Interview pt. 1

Professor of Trumpet and Jazz; Eau Claire Jazz Festival

Robert Baca Interview, pt. 2

Music culture of Eau Claire; Viennese Ball

Larry Barr Interview, pt. 1

Eau Claire music scene, 1960s-1980s

Larry Barr Interview, pt. 2

Eau Claire music festivals; Shake, Rattle, and Roll; Country Jam; Future of music festivals

Jim Bischel Interview

Local festival organizer; Country Jam; Blue Ox; Music in the Chippewa Valley

Adam Bors Interview

Viennese Ball creation

Ernest Broeniman Interview

Dorf Kapella; Polka; Viennese Ball

Sean Carey Interview

Bon Iver; Eau Claire and Bon Iver

Johannes Dahle Interview

Former Director of Student Activities; Viennese Ball

Jim Egan Interview

Radio; Jazz; "Jazz, Blues, and Beyond" radio series; Preservation Dixieland Band; New England Ragtime Orchestra; Ragtime Festival; Count Basie 

Charles Farrell Interview

Former Director of Student Centers; New Davies Center; Viennese Ball

Kenneth Fulgione Interview

Eau Claire's Coalition Blues Festival; Tuesday Night Blues Festival; Chippewa Valley Blues Society

Colleen Garnevicus Interview

Music training; Education; Music career; Master Singers; UWEC Jazz Band; Jazz Director

Peter Hable Interview

Eau Claire music scene, WWI and WWII

Betty Hanson Interview

Josh Hanson and Tom Sumner, musical history and Packer Party album

Richard Hazelton Interview

604th Air Force Band

Jennifer Hazen Interview

Chippewa Valley music scene

Linda John Interview

Director of 'Visit Eau Claire'; Music promotion; Visit Eau Claire and the local music scene

David Jones Interview

Childhood; Music inspiration; Blues; Jazz; The Jones Tones; Davey Jones & Friends

Ronald Keezer Interview

Professor of Jazz at UWEC; Eau Claire Jazz Festival; Founder of "Really Good Music" publishing company

Terri Knudtson Interview

Blugold Dining; Viennese Ball; Working with Ada Bors

Michael Lindsay Interview

Chippewa Falls Oktoberfest

Howard Luedtke Interview

Eau Claire music scene; Local blues musician

Ivar Lunde Interview

Current projects; Fiscal troubles faced by arts and musicians; Philosophy of music

Lynette McFayden Interview

Eau Claire chorale societies; Master Singers; Master Singers' European tours; Musical Arts Coral

Evan Middlesworth Interview

Pine Hollow Recording Studio; Early interactions with music; Eau Claire music scene; Experiences running a recording studio

Jerrika Mighelle Christianson Interview

Music influence; Music career; Eau Claire's musical renaissance

Scott Morfitt Interview

Manager of Blugold Radio; Eau Claire music scene and Blugold Radio interactions

Rich Morgan Interview

Eau Claire jazz music scene; Morgan Music store; Changes in music in Eau Claire

Ryan Olson Interview

Artist-run record label; "Totally Gross National Product"; Musician; Gayngs; Polica; Marijuana Deathsquads

Sarah Olson Interview

Singer; Celloist; Music teacher; "Eau Claire Sound"; Chippewa Valley Festivals

Sue Orfield Interview

Chippewa Valley regional bands; Musical origins; Music career in Chippewa Valley; Unique Eau Claire music scene

Barbara Pautz Interview

German Professor; Founding of Viennese Ball; Evolution of Viennese Ball; 

Michael Perry Interview

County folk artist; Music in Eau Claire culture; Eau Claire music festivals; "Tent Show Radio:

Gretchen Peters Interview

Early beginnings in music; Native American music; UWEC marginalization; Eau Claire's "sounds"; 

Ben Richgruber Interview

Early life with music; Eau Claire Regional Arts Center; Live on Grand; Confluence Project; State Theater

Alan Rieck Interview

Former music professor; Teaching at UWEC; Women's Concert Chorale; Production of Viennese Ball

James Schmidt Interview, pt. 1

UWEC Chancellor; UWEC music program; University and the Confluence project

James Schmidt Interview, pt. 2

UWEC Chancellor; Early life and career; Viennese Ball

Gary Schwartzhoff Interview, pt. 1

Life in Eau Claire; Career at UWEC; Development of music culture in Eau Claire

Gary Schwartzhoff Interview, pt. 2

Duties as Director of Choral Activities; Viennese Ball; Coordination of UWEC choirs with Viennese Ball; 

Neal Sipress Interview

Career in Eau Claire; From musician to editing music; Personal recording studio; Eau Claire music scene, 1980s to present

Nathan Sorenson Interview

Venue "Nate's Dungeon" 2000-2012; Eau Claire punk rock scene

Peter Steinmetz Interview

History Harvest; Family's artifacts; Picture of 105 Mounted Band, early 1900s; Snare Drum 

Paula Stuettgen Interview

Planning and advising Viennese Ball; Dance lessons; Early days of Ball; Old vs. new Davies Center

Jerry Way Interview, pt. 1

Local playwright and composer; Teaching music in Chippewa Valley; Music career

Jerry Way Interview, pt. 2

Union; Regional jazz; Early musical life; Current music culture in Eau Claire; New generation of musicians

Marcia Van Beek and Kimera Way Interview

Viennese Ball; Fundraising and logistics; Scholarships

Nobuyoshi Yasuda Interview

Early life in Japan; Music student in Japan; Directing in Chippewa Valley; Directing university orchestra; Viennese Ball

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