Oral History Interviews

Jason Anderson Interview

Eaux Claires Festival; Bon Iver

Robert Baca Interview pt. 1

Professor of Trumpet and Jazz; Eau Claire Jazz Festival

Robert Baca Interview, pt. 2

Music culture of Eau Claire; Viennese Ball

Larry Barr Interview, pt. 1

Eau Claire music scene, 1960s-1980s

Larry Barr Interview, pt. 2

Eau Claire music festivals; Shake, Rattle, and Roll; Country Jam; Future of music festivals

Jim Bischel Interview

Local festival organizer; Country Jam; Blue Ox; Music in the Chippewa Valley

Adam Bors Interview

Viennese Ball creation

Ernest Broeniman Interview

Dorf Kapella; Polka; Viennese Ball

Sean Carey Interview

Bon Iver; Eau Claire and Bon Iver

Johannes Dahle Interview

Former Director of Student Activities; Viennese Ball

Jim Egan Interview

Radio; Jazz; "Jazz, Blues, and Beyond" radio series; Preservation Dixieland Band; New England Ragtime Orchestra; Ragtime Festival; Count Basie 

Charles Farrell Interview

Former Director of Student Centers; New Davies Center; Viennese Ball

Kenneth Fulgione Interview

Eau Claire's Coalition Blues Festival; Tuesday Night Blues Festival; Chippewa Valley Blues Society

Colleen Garnevicus Interview

Music training; Education; Music career; Master Singers; UWEC Jazz Band; Jazz Director

Linda John Interview

Director of 'Visit Eau Claire'; Music promotion; Visit Eau Claire and the local music scene

David Jones Interview

Childhood; Music inspiration; Blues; Jazz; The Jones Tones; Davey Jones & Friends

Ronald Keezer Interview

Professor of Jazz at UWEC; Eau Claire Jazz Festival; Founder of "Really Good Music" publishing company

Terri Knudtson Interview

Blugold Dining; Viennese Ball; Working with Ada Bors

Michael Lindsay Interview

Chippewa Falls Oktoberfest

Howard Luedtke Interview

Eau Claire music scene; Local blues musician

Ivar Lunde Interview

Current projects; Fiscal troubles faced by arts and musicians; Philosophy of music

Lynette McFayden Interview

Eau Claire chorale societies; Master Singers; Master Singers' European tours; Musical Arts Coral

Evan Middlesworth Interview

Pine Hollow Recording Studio; Early interactions with music; Eau Claire music scene; Experiences running a recording studio

Jerrika Mighelle Christianson Interview

Music influence; Music career; Eau Claire's musical renaissance

Scott Morfitt Interview

Manager of Blugold Radio; Eau Claire music scene and Blugold Radio interactions

Rich Morgan Interview

Eau Claire jazz music scene; Morgan Music store; Changes in music in Eau Claire

Ryan Olson Interview

Artist-run record label; "Totally Gross National Product"; Musician; Gayngs; Polica; Marijuana Deathsquads

Sarah Olson Interview

Singer; Celloist; Music teacher; "Eau Claire Sound"; Chippewa Valley Festivals

Sue Orfield Interview

Chippewa Valley regional bands; Musical origins; Music career in Chippewa Valley; Unique Eau Claire music scene

Barbara Pautz Interview

German Professor; Founding of Viennese Ball; Evolution of Viennese Ball; 

Michael Perry Interview

County folk artist; Music in Eau Claire culture; Eau Claire music festivals; "Tent Show Radio:

Gretchen Peters Interview

Early beginnings in music; Native American music; UWEC marginalization; Eau Claire's "sounds"; 

Ben Richgruber Interview

Early life with music; Eau Claire Regional Arts Center; Live on Grand; Confluence Project; State Theater

Alan Rieck Interview

Former music professor; Teaching at UWEC; Women's Concert Chorale; Production of Viennese Ball

James Schmidt Interview, pt. 1

UWEC Chancellor; UWEC music program; University and the Confluence project

James Schmidt Interview, pt. 2

UWEC Chancellor; Early life and career; Viennese Ball

Gary Schwartzhoff Interview, pt. 1

Life in Eau Claire; Career at UWEC; Development of music culture in Eau Claire

Gary Schwartzhoff Interview, pt. 2

Duties as Director of Choral Activities; Viennese Ball; Coordination of UWEC choirs with Viennese Ball; 

Neal Sipress Interview

Career in Eau Claire; From musician to editing music; Personal recording studio; Eau Claire music scene, 1980s to present

Nathan Sorenson Interview

Venue "Nate's Dungeon" 2000-2012; Eau Claire punk rock scene

Peter Steinmetz Interview

History Harvest; Family's artifacts; Picture of 105 Mounted Band, early 1900s; Snare Drum 

Paula Stuettgen Interview

Planning and advising Viennese Ball; Dance lessons; Early days of Ball; Old vs. new Davies Center

Jerry Way Interview, pt. 1

Local playwright and composer; Teaching music in Chippewa Valley; Music career

Jerry Way Interview, pt. 2

Union; Regional jazz; Early musical life; Current music culture in Eau Claire; New generation of musicians

Marcia Van Beek and Kimera Way Interview

Viennese Ball; Fundraising and logistics; Scholarships

Nobuyoshi Yasuda Interview

Early life in Japan; Music student in Japan; Directing in Chippewa Valley; Directing university orchestra; Viennese Ball

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