Forum Series


Dr. Arnold Toynbee

A Historian Looks at the World Today


Dr. Toynbee was a research professor of internation history at the University of London. He was most known for his work "The Rise and Fall of Civilizations", which argued that comparing socieities would give rise to more questions and make history more complex than previously percieved. His research focused on finding common patterns shared between ancient socieites, such as origins,  growth, and challenges to thrive. The lecture discussed his comparative methodolgy.

Dr. Stringfellow Barr

Man in the Gray Flannel Toga


In 1937 Dr. Barr became the president of St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland. His lecture introduced a new type of curriculum that foucsed on the works of the 100 great books of past scholars and writers. For example, some of the authors on the list included the works of Aristotle, HomerLeo Tolstoy, Voltaire, and Edgar Allen Poe.

Sir Tyrone Guthrie

Of What Use Is a Serious Theatre


Sir Tyrone Guthrie was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1962 for his decades of work in the entertainment industry, both in Europe and North America. Many of his plays premiered in England, where he was the director at Old Vic in London. Later, he founded the Minnesota Theater Company in Minneapolis. Sir Tyrone Guthrie believed that great works of theatre would survive for generations to come.


"The only way a theatre can be useful is by sticking to a definite policy; by trying to present the classics in a balance of both serious and comic entertainment"



Artist Series


Gregg Smith Singers


The Gregg Smith Singers were an American choral ensemble that was established in 1955. The group was created in the University of California - Los Angeles when a graduate assistant assembled a group of undergraduate students from the music department to perform. The Gregg Smith Singers sang a wide range of music from as early as 15th century melodies to mid-twenieth century comtemporaries. 

Singing Boys of Monterrey


The Singing Boys of Monterrey was composed of 30 young boys from Mexico. The group was founded by Father Jose Jesus de Cortes with the goal to give underprovileged children of the community the opporunity for an education in the arts.


Recurring Event: Homecoming Yell-Like-Hell







Homecoming week is full of events, such as parades, games, and concerts that bring thousands of people together in one place. on a college campus more than just the students and facaulty. It also lets the community and alumni that they are a part of the university's legacy. This is the time to see and hear the school's spirit soar! For students to take pride in the school and everything that they have accomplish in the year.