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Spotlight on Recurring Events

Homecoming: YELL LIKE HELL

Homecoming week is full of events to be enjoyed by the community, such as parades, games, and concerts that bring thousands of people together in one place. It also lets the community and alumni know that they are a part of the university's legacy. This is the time to see and hear the school's spirit soar! For students to take pride in the school and everything that they have accomplished within the year. 

Student Research Days

Student research days give students the opportunity to conduct their own research studies on a topic of interest. The research process, experiments, information gathering, and results of these research studies are then presented at the student research days. The student research days are a wonderful way to demonstrate the skills that students have obtained from their field of study.

Public Figures

Many of the guest lecturers and events held by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in Zorn Arena are connected to public figures. Public figures have made social, cultural, and political impacts on American society and the world. All of them have the same underlying goal: to enact change.


"We will so appeal to your heart and conscience that we will not only win our just rights but win you too."

- Martin Luther King Jr., Forum Series

Honoring Education Powwow

Each year during Native American Awareness Week Zorn Arena has been the location for the Honoring Education Powwow. The powwow is open to the public, welcoming everyone in the community to attend. This is a great event to learn more about Native American traditions, culture, and history in order to expand people's perspectives.


Most of the school year is about being dedicated to learning your field of study and studying for exams. But there are also fun times too! Every year the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire provides entertainment for the community and students. One of the main forms of entertainment provided by the university are concerts. This includes nationally recognized musicians to local favorites. 


The school year begins in Zorn Arena and the college chapter also ends there. Every semester Zorn Arena hosts a commencement ceremony to celebrate the new graduates from the university. Each student takes a final walk from Hibbard Hall to Zorn Arena in their graduation regalia. It is their last moments as students -walking down the aisle to grasp the final goal, obtaining a degree and diploma.