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Western Wisconsin COVID-19 Archive Project

Collected Item: “Monthly Video Diaries: COVID-19 Experience”

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Monthly Video Diaries: COVID-19 Experience

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Links to Monthly Video Diaries (March 2020-2021) Documenting COVID-19 Experience

This submission was created in case the full 13-minute compilation I contributed did not completely upload.

Reflection On My Primary Source
These are my monthly journals where I designated a page or two in my bullet journal to reflect on the recently finished month. Documented before, during, and amidst the pandemic, I will be focusing on twelve entries (or one summarized year) beginning with when COVID-19 greatly affected the world and caused laws and policy changes for the public to follow, like wearing masks (March 2020). I will then finish the entry readings from this past March, and add in some important details that happened from then to the present time (May 2021). The sub-topics or themes throughout this source will focus on the struggle and anxiety I dealt with when determining where to live, how school was going to work, how my mental health is impacted, and my relationship with my boyfriend as we were each other’s main support source throughout this time.
I chose this form primary source form because I have journaled throughout my entire life. This was also what I found had the most documentation about my experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and it was the most primary type of material I had - being first hand from my mind, putting ideas on paper during the events as they happened. The journals aren’t heavily edited, I just picked parts from each that were more relevant and added in the thoughts I recalled from that specific time period. It makes this source authentic coming from me at the time it happened and a partial reflection perspective adding in the more relevant information. Making these journals into video diaries gives future students & researchers a visual and more personal connection. It gives me space to add in my theatre experience and more fluent language to fill in any odd or hard-to-understand phrasing.

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Throughout March 2020 to May 5th, 2021 (compilation)

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376 Labore Rd, Saint Paul Minnesota. 55117

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Alaina Sandeen

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Alaina Sandeen

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Social distancing

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