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  • Construction Site Tour Group

    This photo was taken during a tour of an apartment complex that is still in the process of being built. In addition to standard PPE like a hi-vis vest and hard hat, tour members were also required to wear masks.
  • Court Open: Increased Risk

    This is an example of signage posted in McDonough Park, after the parks had reopened, to remind people to continue practicing distancing, wash hands, and wear masks. No vaccine, or new COVID-19 specific treatments, were available at this time.
  • Just keep swimming

    A family offers an uplifting message of encouragement to the neighborhood. Spotted while taking a walk through Rice Lake.
  • Basketball court closed

    A sign in Demmler Park notifies visitors that the basketball court has been closed due to the pandemic, and provides tips to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19.
  • Greetings from the remote classroom

    Due to the pandemic, educators across the country had to adjust to teaching remotely. This yard sign displays a poem about that experience, letting students know that no matter the delivery method, teachers still care greatly for their students' learning experiences.
  • Social Distancing on Eau Claire Transit Bus

    This is a picture of how the Eau Claire buses are implementing social distancing guidelines. Caution tape was put on seats that people could not sit in and orange tape was put on seats people were allowed to sit it. Caution tape was also used to separate the front and the back of the bus. No one was allowed to sit in the front of the bus near the driver unless the person was handicapped. Anyone needing to ride the bus boarded through the side door near the middle of the bus. Bus fares were waved during this time because it kept the driver safe from exposure and no one had to deal with contaminated money. The number of people allowed to ride the bus was severely reduced due to blocked seating. Some buses were only allowed to carry a max of seven people. If there were more than the number allowed, someone had to get off the bus.
  • Farm life

    This shows that Farmers standing for the safety of our country in rural areas too.
  • COVID as a Collage

    I wanted to make something that was colorful and cheerful to remind people of the good things that are still happening in the world and that it is okay to find a light even in the darkest of times. None of this is to take away from the grim situation we are facing on a global level. It is hard to ignore the lack of medical supplies, the millions of people who have lost their jobs and that the economy is at a historical low point. I want to continue to help in any way I can, focus on the positive and hope that we as a nation can come together and beat this pandemic.
  • Photo, John Prine Lyrics on Sidewalk, Eau Claire, WI.

    The photo is of a sidewalk chalk drawing that featured the lyrics of the John Prine song "Spanish Pipe Dream." [Image captured near the northeast entrance to Putnam Park in Eau Claire. ] The photo not only shows family activities during quarantine, but it also has added significance because John Prine died of Covid 19 in April 2020.
  • Carson Park Under Quarantine

    This is the Carson Park playground in Eau Claire Wisconsin. It had been taped off and closed up prohibiting children and families from gathering in the park and using the playground equipment. This had been done to keep the spread of the virus from transferring from the playground to the children. There was no posted date for when the playground could reopen.
  • Social Distancing Story Activity

    In Wausau, WI the Parks Department set up children's books to be read as you walked through the park, giving children something to do outside of the house, while maintaing social distancing.
  • Plymouth City Park Closed by Governor

    The Plymouth City Park in Plymouth, WI warns people not to use the playground equipment because of Governor Tony Evers shutting down local and state parks.
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