The pandemic continues to affect my day-to-day life and I began to realize that there are many new terms and phrases that have been introduced. I have never heard the phrases “unprecedented times” or “CDC guidelines” more in my life. The COVID-19 virus has truly changed everyone’s lives and continues to do so every day and when creating this primary source these new words and phrases became my focus. Monopoly is very much a simulation of life as there are companies and products to invest in and setbacks to overcome all well trying to gain the most profit. Many families, including my own, are struggling with finances due to the pandemic, so I found it only fitting to make Monopoly the template for my new game, “COVIDOPOLY.” I filled the board with relevant terms that I have heard almost every day from my family or every time I turn on the news. You work your way across the board, still trying to gain a profit, but with the overwhelming fear of being sent to quarantine or having a positive COVID test.


Baraboo, Wis., 53913, S4202 Whispering Pines Drive


September 27, 2020


Rachel Walter


Rachel Walter


Health and medicine



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