The Evolution of My Feelings Towards Covid-19



The Evolution of My Feelings Towards Covid-19


For my primary source, I wrote a series of 15 haikus that express the evolution of my experiences with Covid-19. It begins with some confusion and excitement, but eventually they become more and more dismal and sad. For my other documenting experiences assignment, I made a video of myself just talking about my experiences in a very direct way. My haikus are a primary source because they were written by me during the time period and involve something that is currently happening in the world today. For this assignment, since it has now been nine months since the beginning of Covid’s effects in the United States, I thought it would be a good idea to go through the evolution of how I felt at the very beginning versus how I am currently feeling about the situation. At this point, my main reflections on Covid have been to compare my feelings.


December 11, 2020


Eau Claire, Wis., 54701, 1016 W MacArthur Ave,


Maria Cooley


Maria Cooley



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