Letters to Family and Friend during Pandemic



Letters to Family and Friend during Pandemic


While being at college with a new address, I had some family members and friends send me letters to communicate with me, and it soon became an ongoing stream of communication of letters back and forth. My grandparents, whom I exchanged letters with frequently, keep scrapbooks and I knew they would like to include a handwritten letter (or multiple letters) from one of their granddaughters documenting the beginning of my college education at UW-Eau Claire and being in the middle of a pandemic. My friend Kamryn, who is a year younger than me and a senior at the high school I graduated from, mentioned casually over social media she wanted a pen pal to write to, so I began to write to her as well. These letters contain mostly surface level small talk; discussing what college is like to my family and friends, asking how they're doing--things that you would normally find in a letter to relatives. However, these letters also contain firsthand experiences and opinions relating to COVID-19 from my point of view, a college student adjusting to living away from home from the first time and dealing with a pandemic simultaneously.


December 8, 2020


Merrill, Wis., 54452


Anna Rydeski


Anna Rydeski


Home and family

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