COVID in America on a Mask



COVID in America on a Mask


For my primary source I wanted to use the mask concept again where the thing that will be a symbol for this time is where I draw my primary source. I wanted to use what us Americans had to go through during 2020 which includes the massive shut down, social distancing, mask mandates, and school being completely online for most of the time. At the bottom of the mask I wanted to include the biggest American events during the times which includes the Black Lives Matter protests and equal rights being a major talking point; also, I wanted the 2020 election to be represented by a big vote sticker. In the middle are other major events that happened in America during 2020 including Trump being impeached, Kobe Bryant's death, Joe Biden winning the presidential election, and sports being canceled for a bit which resulted in the NBA bubble.


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December 10, 2020


Jackson Wall


Jackson Wall


Social distancing

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