"Essential worker"



"Essential worker"


This time around I wanted to document my experience in the form of a painting. One half of my painting I used the watercolors of yellow, red, and orange. These colors that I chose was to symbolize the job that I worked through my COVID-19 experience. That job being McDonalds. There was a lot of changes happening at my McDonalds that I have not had to do in the previous years working there. Them being wearing a mask, and gloves up front, having a barrier in between the customer and I, and lastly our whole lobby area being closed. Even with all the changes I am still able to have good memories with my coworkers as we all work through this pandemic. On the other hand, it has been hard working there. I know that it is only a minimum wage job, but you can notice the toll that the pandemic has put on everyone. Now more than ever, we have had ruder, and harder to handle customers. It seems that sometimes they are taking their stress out on us. The second half of my project were the colors of green and black. This is to show the colors of my other workplace that I had the opportunity to work at over the summer. I was working with children with disabilities. Working with these children was a little different because like any other workplace we had to wear masks. Some of the younger children had a problem with us wearing masks because it was a new and foreign thing to them. It is harder to keep them safe during this pandemic because they sometimes rip off our masks leaving them exposed. I learned a lot from each job that I worked at during this pandemic. The pandemic is shown by the black at the bottom, that it is a subject that is in the backs of our minds. Both jobs that I worked at I was considered an essential worker. That is signified by the mask with the word essential on it.




December 11, 2020


725 Shelly Ln.



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