Covid-19 Through the Eyes of a 2020 Senior in High School



Covid-19 Through the Eyes of a 2020 Senior in High School


I feel the thoughts and emotions I felt during the early pandemic would make a meaningful short story on a graduate of the class of 2020, the class that will not soon be forgotten. What I have created is a primary source in the aspect that it is a personal refection on what happened to me in the past and how I feel about it several months after the events that unfolded. I feel this source can be incredibly useful for future historians looking back because this source provides incredible insight on how teenagers on high school treated the pandemic and how the personally reacted as well as the main things they were concerned about. I feel that many primary sources will be written by adults and medical professionals and I feel that contributing a short story on my experiences as a high school teenager will be very beneficial.


December 11, 2020


Eau Claire, Wis., 54701, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Towers South


Erik Stone


Erik Stone


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