Pre Covid-19 and After



Pre Covid-19 and After


This past year’s ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 has impacted people in many ways whether they are positive for some of negative. I chose to draw an abstract piece that depicts me personally, and the struggles I have faced due to this pandemic. On one half of the picture I drew me, a person who is happy and full of life and is attached to things that made me happy in the past, in person classes at my college, going out for meals at my favorite local restaurants, enjoying live music, being able to pick up my bags and travel the world, and the love I felt being surrounded by family and friends. On the other half is the representation of me during this pandemic and attached to me is things and events that greatly impacted me emotionally; being moved to online classes, struggling with mental health and body dysmorphia, having to wear masks everywhere I go, witnessing brutality, violence, and oppression in my own city, and the death of two of my beloved family members taken by Covid-19. A primary source can be documents, images, items, stories, journals, etc. that provide information from a firsthand and reliable source that are have been created during the time or event in which it was created. I believe that my picture is a primary source because it is sharing a personal experience during the current Covid-19 pandemic while giving the people reading it information of what life was like for people during this time. I believe that future researchers and students can learn the effects this pandemic had on a person’s life and gives them the opportunity to step into someone else’s shoes and relive those emotions that were felt during that time through what is being demonstrated in my source. During this class we have had to look at numerous variations of primary sources and had to either just learn the facts of what we were studying but more often than not look through the lens of another person and try to feel what they felt in the past. During the semester there is a source that has constantly been in the back of my mind and made a large impact in my life. This source affected me so much that it is what inspired me to dive deep into my emotions and be okay sharing the struggles I have faced over this past year. The source titled “Happy Captivity” is a personal story about a man being held captive in the house of a Mapuche chieftain. In the source he describes what life was like while being there and the encounters he faces and the personal relationships he made with the people, and how he was treated well. I chose this source to inspire mine because during this pandemic I have felt as though I was being held captive, not being able to interact with the outside world, but I can acknowledge that I am more fortunate than others during this time, I was provided with everything where as others who were facing hardships were greatly impacted by this pandemic.


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