Starting with my “primary source” I chose to write a mini short story style thing because writing is something I really don’t delve into much, and I felt it was a true manner to represent something like my experience and overall memories of living through a pandemic. The amount of thinking that happened through this period is immense for me and text is something very easy to do and allows for a lot of opening when it comes to topics. I feel this piece of writing truly shows some of my many experiences within this period of time, although the piece was rather simple and a lot of the days melted together I’m glad I can still pull some of the key experiences and show them in this piece of writing. I just feel this simple piece of writing truly encapsulates the experiences of being in a pandemic of this degree, it lets a reader get a true example and a general idea of some of the things that occurred to a person in this time period. This is clearly shown as a primary source as it gives insight and is written to explain the time period of Covid-19, specifically from 1/4th into 2020 until whenever this truly ends. But it is also a primary source because of the fact it is written by someone who lived during the time period, somebody with the first-hand experience of the time period, this being me. From this, I feel future researchers can truly get a general idea of a single person’s experience within the pandemic and especially of one coming from a person making large changes in their life during this period. Switching from High school to College is such a large change for all young adults that choose that path, and it is such a large demographic within the United States that it is of utmost importance to get a real idea of people taking steps like these and how something to vast and dangerous like a pandemic can affect things like this. Especially focusing on the mental health of somebody in these types of circumstances is rather key for the future when something like this happens again, because once you do that you can truly help the people in this state of change and truly know how to handle issues in this type of period of time. The use of this primary source is similar to one post-Guatemalan coup, this one is named “Second Thoughts” and was written by “Viron Vaky” and details a lot of the thoughts these people had after doing such atrocities and I feel like they can serve the same purpose, they can both serve the purpose of aiding and helping to deal with issues like these when they come up, knowing a procedure when something like this happens is rather key and can leave a large long-lasting effect and completely change the tide of many things of this manner, even changing peoples lives.


Eau Claire, Wis.


May 5, 2021


Rafael Meraz


Rafael Meraz



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