Listicle of Some of the Rules of Covid and Quarantine



Listicle of Some of the Rules of Covid and Quarantine


2020 in the beginning of 2021 have been some of the hardest years of my life. From getting an email right before spring break in 2020 saying that spring break is not going to be extended. The very next day getting an email saying that we will have two weeks added onto spring break and we will have a week of online classes then a few days later getting another one that says we will be online for the rest of the year and that if we want a refund on our rooms and meal plans, we need to be moved out in a few days. From here we were told that quarantine would only last until mid-April then it being moved to the end of May. On March 20, 2020 what would become a massive series on almost develop a cult following Tiger King came out. While all of this was happening, local schools were trying to figure out how to deliver online classes and setting up access to hotspots for kids who did not have internet at home. Around mid-March of 2020 toilet paper, masks and hand sanitizer were in such a high demand that for a few weeks those isles at stores were empty and for a few months afterwards you could only buy so much at a time. The same time that all of this was happening mask mandates went into place and it had people debating over weather masks were bad for you if they did anything and if they were constitutional to be forced to wear them. A lot of places around where I live said they would not enforce them. At the same time the bars and restaurants closed for a few weeks. They were able open back up if they served takeout and they opened back up at capacity around June. There was a lot of buzz around people who were taking advantage of cheap flights and hotel rooms and weather or not people should be traveling but it did not stop them. September brought around the new school year and debates on if school should open or be online. The school district I grew up in opted for in person class with families being able to choose online and online hybrid classes. The school district my little brothers are in did not open to in person until January and they are currently in hybrid learning structures. Around mid-October the release of new generation consoles in the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 and next gen GPUS in the Nvidia 3090 and 3080 had scalpers buying up most of the stock to try and resell. The reason there were so successful is that there was and still is a silicon shortage from COVID making it harder to make key components. There is still a silicon shortage today and we can see that in car manufacturing plants all over the country with factories with cars out in the lots waiting to be finished. As I am sitting here writing this I will be getting my first dose of the vaccine soon and am reading plans on being back to full in person classes in the 2021 fall semester.


Whitehall, Wis. 54773


May 3, 2021


Bailey Blaha


Bailey Blaha



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