Art Got Me Through the Pandemic



Art Got Me Through the Pandemic


I chose to represent my experiences during COVID-19 with my art. My paintings best express my experiences during the pandemic because they represent peace. The whole world is stressed out because of the coronavirus, people do not want to contract COVID-19 and get seriously ill, or even die. People are worried for their loved ones and are depressed and scared, after experiencing so much loss, it is not hard to get stuck in a loop of sadness and despair. I was very lost when I got sent home during my last year of high school. I never got to say a proper goodbye to the teachers who helped shape me into the person I am today, and I lost the chance to experience a lot of lasts. Art was what helped me get through this scary time.
I was very worried for my loved ones during the pandemic. My mother is a healthcare provider, and I was not able to see my grandparents. I was sitting at home with my siblings and all we could do was worry about everything that was going wrong in the world. Whenever I had free time in high school, I would head straight for the art room, it was where I went when I needed a quiet place to breathe or think. When we got sent home because of COVID-19, I no longer could go to my safe place, so I decided to try and bring it home. I started to paint at home, this helped distract me from the scary world around me.
A primary source is a “document” that can be analyzed on many different levels and answers several questions. It is the study of history through different formats. As seen on our Analyzing Primary Sources sheet, there are a number of questions that need to be answered about a reading or a project in order for it to be considered a primary source. My reflection on my project can be considered a primary source because it answers all the questions on the primary source sheet and can be used for future students to understand how art can help with stress and anxiety during a pandemic. My source relates to almost every primary source we have seen in this class because almost all the sources have a visual source that is connected to them. One, in particular, is the primary source, Chapter 2, “Colonial Transculturation,” page 49. It is titled God made the heaven and the earth, and in this drawing, God is holding the sun and moon. All around him are mountains, clouds, insects, and stars, each of these represents elements that have native overtones. This visual source helps us as readers understand the bigger picture of the whole reading and make connections between them.




April 8, 2020


Jaida Maki


Jaida Maki


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