Quarantine Sketch



Quarantine Sketch


A primary source is a first-hand account of an event or topic. These sources come from people who were connected the event. Examples of primary sources include drawings, speeches, newspapers, and so on. In order to make sense of the past and connect it to the present, these sources are necessary. We are able to gain relevant information, as it comes from those connected to the event. For my primary source, I decided to do a sketch. I also included some quotations that I found to be useful in portraying my experience through Covid-19. I used a virus drawing to symbolize Covid-19 and when my test came back with it detected. I then put a ruler with six-foot increments to demonstrate the social distancing. I drew my dog that I bought at the beginning of Covid-19 in 2020. I also drew a medicine bottle because Covid-19 has impacted my mental health. I used sketches to represent my experience because I enjoy drawing and it is something I spent time doing throughout quarantine and Covid. I used quotes to allow things that were harder to draw come to light. For instance, I work in an assisted living. Therefore, I put the quote, “no visitors allowed,” to help display the words we had to use with our residents who were wanting to see their family. This sketch that I created is a primary source because it is about Covid-19 and the impact it had on me. Along with that, I have been directly impacted by the pandemic since the start of it in 2020. The effects of Covid-19 have appeared in daily life, work, school and my mental health. The source I created helps express the toll this seemingly never-ending virus has caused on my life. In the future, historians could gain information on the effects of Covid-19 in the United States through analysis of my primary source. They can draw conclusions about how I worked in some sort of healthcare field, went to the University of Eau-Claire Wisconsin, bought a dog, was put on medication, and was mandated to wear a mask. All of these things may be crucial in documenting how Covid effected the United States.


May 5, 2021







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