Documenting My Experiences Covid-19 Journal Entries



Documenting My Experiences Covid-19 Journal Entries


When creating the primary source for this project, I wanted to make sure that my emotions and feeling were genuinely expressed through the piece. I knew that by doing journal entries, I would be able to document my experience and bring my emotions through those experiences. I journal regularly, so I knew that this way of writing would come relatively easy and honest with my experiences, beliefs, and emotions throughout the past year.
The journal entries that I have created are a Primary source. They can be defined as a primary source because I am the person who experienced the events and wrote about them. By writing this primary source, which is rich in information, emotion, and struggles, future researchers will be able to see what exactly it was like to live through this past year. The future individuals will be able to see how much damage the Covid-19 pandemic had done; damage through death, violence, emotional trauma, and poor mental health. These individuals will be able to read many other sources, but by creating primary sources of our experiences, we are giving future research more information that is raw, true, and unfiltered from those who actually experienced the terrible time.
Since every primary source is an experience from a different induvial, no two primary sources can be similar. All primary sources are going to have different meanings, emotions, and messages behind them. However, many primary sources can have similar formats, like books, poetry, music, journals, videos, etc.. A primary source that we have discovered through this class that has a similar format to my journal entries would be any primary source from our Latin American voices textbook. The Latin American Voices textbook consists of multiple primary sources or multiple individuals. Many primary sources are similar to a journal entry; the text is abundant in letters that historians have discovered or excerpts from books. Though no primary sources can be ultimately the same, I feel like the textbook shares a lot of symmetry with my journal entries that I have created for this project.


May 5, 2021




Anna Sutton


Anna Sutton



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