Growing up my father suffered from chronic heart disease which resulted in the long process of getting him a heart transplant as his original heart was failing. When someone gets an organ transplant it’s …. complex and weird. You have to go on a waitlist and have an electronic pump put in to keep from dying while you wait what was two years for us all while not being able to go more than a two hours drive from the hospital at any time. And after the transplant you get put on all sorts of immune suppressants since your body won’t recognize the transplanted organ as your one. All of this is to say that I lived many of my formative years similar to how people had to act during the initial shutdown. Guess I’m just a covid hipster. Been living like this long before it was “in vogue” shall we say. But there was a new problem. I never really thought to hard about what I had to do since I did it to take care of my own health and the health of the people I love. I never thought about it too deeply until observing a lot of the sentiments people had early on in the shutdown. After hearing people all around me describing a quarantine as “hell” and wonder when they “could just have my life back” I was shattered. I’d been seeing my childhood as my own normal, I had to compromise I didn’t want to risk my Father’s health. I guess I just never properly realized how sheltered some people are. Never realized how inconsiderate and selfish people could be till I was being stared in the face with the people in power actually choosing the economy over the people. I spiraled and went into a deep and long depression. This poem comes from a place of righteous anger. This is a primary source in how this poem is an artistic representation of raw emotions I have felt during the pandemic.


May 5, 2021








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