Collage of what helped during quarantine



Collage of what helped during quarantine


I was originally thinking about doing arm knitting because that has been a stress relief and my “sanity” but then there is a lot that more than accomplishing or seeing a progress on a project. My everyday life always turns to music and role models. To represent my experience I decided to present it through a collage because just one thing cannot describe my waves of emotions and struggles from this past year. Music, tv shows, movies and Instagrammers have helped me pass time, take a break or a breather, or even a good solid cry at times. A primary source is a first-hand account of what occurred during a point in time in history. This is a primary source because these songs or tv shows or influencers are important in my life right now. I am creating a primary source by talking about what occurred or happened and what I did because I am living through a worldwide pandemic. Also, it is what matters to me right now that makes it a primary source. I am not writing about someone else’s experience it’s all my own. I think that future researchers and students could look up some of these people or songs and hear the music from this time period that I connected with. In class we have gone through how to recognized a primary source because we always find the intent of the author, the reason why it’s being shared and the audience it is meant for. The one primary source that comes to mind from class is the Caste Painting’s and transculturation from the eighteenth century. Where people were not afraid to learn a new dance in pubic or to host. Party even though they don’t have much. In Albero Blest Gana’s primary source he talks about going to a party at a poor widow’s house. Where they are exposed to dance styles, appearances, and conversations they would have never heard anywhere else. It is an example of many different cultural backgrounds through the dancing styles and the card playing. At that time they relied on the people in their community and had gatherings to bring them together where live music was played.


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May 3, 2021


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