What life was like during Covid



What life was like during Covid


Hey everyone My name is Khyryn and I would like to tell my story about covid-19. When Covid first started I was almost done with my freshman year. And my older brother was just about to graduate. It sucked that he had to miss out on prom. And the school board made us go virtual for the rest of the year. Yes it was hard but I passed. Now I am a sophomore and about to move onto a junior. This year was rough, which is today 5/28/21. And all I can say is that most of 2020 was virtual. Yes eventually school did open back up but I was failing most of my classes because of virtual school. When school opened back up my grades went up. During quarantine I was working most of the time hanging with friends and family even though I wasn't supposed to. But I made this picture to show you what covid was like. For intense the Grim Reaper. And I said where the goes Covid follows. As we all know the reaper represents death, and that's what covid was. Sick people and death. The drawing of the earth half covid cell was to represent that covid took over the earth and we all had to wear masks. There is also a house that has a stop sign and a Stay away sign by it. That's to indicate how people were dying covid. And they all wanted to be six feet aways. Which yes I thought was stupied. I could barely see my Gf and I had a hard time not being able to see her. Covid was a rough year but when it got closer to the end of it, it has gotten better. Hanging with my buddy Shaun and all my friends I actually had a great covid-19 year. I'm not the only one that struggled, teachers did too and so did many other students. Teachers worked hard to help their students and I am thankful for that. They deserve all the credit for this year. Thanks for staying strong, North High School! And everyone else.


Eau Claire, Wis.


May 28, 2021


Khyryn Rodriguez


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