Quarantine Isolation Painting



Quarantine Isolation Painting


For my choice of documenting my experiences of COVID – 19, I decided to make a painting of my experience. So I picked a painting because for me paintings have always had so many interpretations of things in life and especially with feelings, emotions, and experiences. So my painting is of a room with a TV that says “COVID – 19 CASES : INFINITE AND COUNTNG”, a mask, and a girl sitting down on the floor and it is supposed to represent isolation, darkness, and loneliness. I think that future researchers, historians, and students could benefit from my painting because they could see how the painting is resembled that they could interpret how a lot of people felt during this experience for example isolation especially, and loneliness were huge factors in people’s lives and their feelings during it.


Eau Claire, Wis., 54703


May 31, 2021


Emma Perri


Emma Perri


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