My Experience with COVID-19 Journal Entry



My Experience with COVID-19 Journal Entry


I chose to write a journal about my experiences with COVID-19. Writing a journal was the best option for me because I had contracted the virus earlier this year, and I feel like writing a journal about my experience will be the most transparent compared to a drawing which can portray misleading information. I’m also not the most crafty person and writing a journal can still show my creativity while being able to do something I enjoy, writing.My journal is a primary source because it’s a true experience that I lived through and it’s coming from me. I want future historians, researchers, and students to learn about using primary sources as reliable information. A journal can be used for greater understanding of how someone may have experienced a tragic event. For example, you could use a journal from a World War 1 soldier and a journal from someone that lived during the Renaissance and look at them both as reliable sources. We could also use drawings and audio recordings as primary sources because they display how life was through an event.
To conclude, being able to use primary sources to help understand the past is a great way to help historians and researchers to give teachers and professors reliable information to students.


June 3, 2021


Eau Claire, Wis.


Lucas Barby


Lucas Barby


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