What I Think About, What I See



What I Think About, What I See


This is a drawing I drew of me and my experience, during the pandemic. For me it was very hard to find myself and where I stood, with everything going on, the pandemic, BLM, quarantine and 6 feet apart. Sometimes I'd draw to cope with the stress buildup, which is why I chose this medium. Sometimes I'd feel these battling emotions within me, and these imaginary people telling me 'oh no nobody likes you'. I think I know that ain't true.
At times like these, some tend to fall apart and feel helpless. But know that as you are alive, you are helping this world survive.
Anyways this this piece represents most of my thoughts into one.


Eau Claire, Wis.


June 2, 2021


Carelin Kue


Carelin Kue


Social distancing



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