Tamara Harris, Retired Teacher, April 2021



Tamara Harris, Retired Teacher, April 2021


Interviewee: Tamara Harris
Interviewer: Alondra Harris
Date: April 25, 2021
Format: Video Recording, Zoom
Location of Interview: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Transcriber: Alondra Harris
Additional Transcription Equipment Used: otter.ai
Project in Association With: University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire


Oral history transcript


April 25, 2021


Alondra Harris


Alexis Polencheck


Tamara Harris was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, raised in Black River Falls, Wisconsin and is now a retired teacher of the Chippewa Falls Middle School living in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. In this interview, Tamara describes how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected her daily life, relationships with long-distance family, and participation with the community. Tamara also describes how attitudes have changed during the pandemic and how she has dealt with these changes. Tamara had 7 adult children, 9 grandchildren, as well as many other family members spread throughout the Midwest.

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