Liz Haynes, Cancer Patient, April 2021



Liz Haynes, Cancer Patient, April 2021


Interviewer Nathaniel Langner
Interviewee Liz Haynes
Date of Interview
(April 27th 2021)
Location: Little Canada, Mn
Format Zoom
Transcriber Nathaniel Langner with help from
Project in association With: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire


Oral history transcript


April 27, 2021


Nathaniel Langner


Alexis Polencheck


Liz Haynes talks about her life changed with Covid. This interview specifically focus on the challenges of being diagnosed with Cancer at the beginning of Covid and how her experience changed at the hospital. The interview also touches on the challenges with travel and the forced cancellation of many trips. From there we talk about the government response and the growth of the vaccine. The vaccine allows the interview to move toward a brighter conversion on the future and the changes that will result. Finally, there is comparison brought up about the 1918 flu and how science has changed since then.

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