Daniel Monson, Police Officer, April 2021



Daniel Monson, Police Officer, April 2021


Interviewee: Daniel Monson
Interviewer: Gabe Olson
Date: April 30, 2021
Format: Video recording, Zoom
Location of interview: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Transcriber: Gabe Olson
Additional Transcription Equipment used: Otter.ai
Project in association with: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire


Oral history transcript


April 30, 2021


Gabe Olson


Alexis Polencheck


As a police officer working in small town Lodi, Wisconsin, Daniel Monson describes the challenges he has faced because of the pandemic. This includes, which he describes in detail, a severe hinderance on his ability to conduct his job properly due to wearing a mask and others around him wearing a mask. He talks about how a police officer’s threat assessment can be negatively impacted when people are wearing face-coverings, as well as his disappointment with how information regarding the pandemic has been spread throughout the public. Daniel also talks about how the pandemic has impacted his family, his pregnant and diabetic sister in particular, and his views regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. When asked about the George Floyd protests, Daniel explains that his job has been complicated and that public outreach has been at an all-time low for his department with the protests and the pandemic coinciding somewhat simultaneously. He approves of more police training but is wary of defunding the police entirely.

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