Brittany Thatcher, Dental Office Worker, May 2021



Brittany Thatcher, Dental Office Worker, May 2021


Interviewer:Marcus Shilts
Interviewee: Brittany Thatcher
Date of interview: 5/2/21
Location of interview: Caribou Coffee in Menomonie
Format:Audio Recording, done with voice recording app
Transcriber:Marcus Shilts
Project in Association with: University Wisconsin Eau-Claire


Oral history transcript


May 2, 2021


Marcus Shilts


Alexis Polencheck


Brittany has lives in Knapp for about five years and she works in a dental office in Eau-Claire. She is married and has a two year old son, so she has a full plate, all at the age of 28. I asked her about her thoughts on Covid and how it has affected her, especially with her job in dental. Her viewpoint is one of just weariness and just lack of any care, who can blame her after a year and a couple months of this whole ordeal. She also voices her frustrations that she encountered in her office from the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available to patients just cancelling and then the shutdown that we all went through. She also touches on her frustration with all these businesses being closed and not being able to recover from the year of no steady income.

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