Feelings and Memories of the Covid-19 Pandemic



Feelings and Memories of the Covid-19 Pandemic


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Within my piece, there were multiple feelings and experiences I was able to convey. To start my project, I began by flipping through magazines and books and cutting out any words and images that reminded me of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was interesting to see that some words and images I used within my piece were from magazines and books published far before the Corona Virus was discovered. The first layer of images displays some memories I have from this time period. A cut out of a crossword puzzle reminds me of the multiple board games played with family, and the image of a forest takes me back to the short road trips we would take to parks and hiking trails around the state. The pictures of people’s faces partially covered by another piece of paper show how normal it became to only see someone’s eyes and forehead while out in public. I incorporated the feeling of confusion and questions about the future in my piece by displaying these words over patterns of paper like the charts of the death rates always shown on the news. I added question marks to this part of the piece and a piece of tissue paper over all the elements to represent the “unclearness” of the situation. Words like “concerts”, “travel”, “party”, “trip”, and “birthday” I crossed out with red to signify all the cancellations of social gatherings that I had planned before the world shut down. I also included an image of a clock to represent how slow time moved during quarantine. The bright and yellow colored paper in the middle of the piece illustrates the “light at the end of the tunnel” feeling when over a year had gone by since the first day of everything being shut down. I knew at this point eventually this isolating time would come to an end and solutions would be found to solve the problem.




March 10, 2023


Greta Sternig


Greta Sternig


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