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  • Work Travel Permit

    This is a letter proving to whom it may concern that the owner of the letter has the ability to travel to and from work and home without breaking staying at home orders. The worker was ordered to leave this letter in their vehicle at all times until the pandemic subsides. It connects to the Chippewa Valley because the worker who used this letter during the pandemic worked at the DHL distribution center in Chippewa Falls.
  • Unemployment1

    Overview page from Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development pertaining to my unemployment claim indicating that a job search is not required due to COVID-19.
  • Unemployment2

    Notice from Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development from 5/6/2020 that my unemployment claim is under review. This is the message that has been posted since the original filing on 3/29/2020.
  • Plymouth City Park Closed by Governor

    The Plymouth City Park in Plymouth, WI warns people not to use the playground equipment because of Governor Tony Evers shutting down local and state parks.
  • Gov. Evers Emergency Order #28: Safer at Home Order​ extended to May 26, 2020

    On April 16, 2020, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers issued Emergency Order #28, extending the "Safer at Home Order" to May 26, 2020. ​
  • Calling WI Unemployment

    A screenshot of my progress towards calling the WI Unemployment Office to resolve an issue with my unemployment benefits. My father and I called together to double our odds and ended up calling a combined total of over 500 times.
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