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  • Button Up Your Overcoat - Covid 19 Rendition

    These are the lyrics of a riff off an old song, "Button Up Your Overcoat", that I wrote in April 2020, along with some notes on the original song. Corey just changed the words to be a commentary on the Covid-19 situation and experience. I wrote it as though I was singing it to my husband.
  • Postponing a Wedding

    Tom Koehler and Karen Drydyk lament the postponement of their wedding that was originally scheduled for Saturday, July 11, 2020.
  • I Survived Covid-19

    Journal by Ella Riechers, a fifth grade student at Sherman Elementary, describing her experiences with Covid-19.
  • Ellie Faith Cross Stitch

    My grandma Karen made this cross stitch for my new baby daughter, Ellie. She worked on the project for several months. Baby Ellie loves it!
  • Addison Rannila's Journal

    Addison Rannila, age 11, created this journal for Mrs Bartel's 5th Grade class at Sherman Elementary
  • Jordan Rannila's Journal

    Jordan Rannila, age 11, created this journal for Ms Albin's 5th Grade class at Sherman Elementary.
  • Jack Rannila's Journal

    Jack Rannila, age 11, created this journal for Mrs Brower's 5th Grade class at Sherman Elementary.
  • Happy Birthday

    I maintain the family household here in Eau Claire. My son's fiance-to-be I hope maintains their apartment with my grand dog (no grand kids yet) in Ladysmith.
  • Storytime in quarantine

    As I read this storybook from 1970 with my five-year-old son we came to the following passage: “The four little hedgehogs who lived down the lane had the flu. It was sad. They couldn’t leave their house. And no one could visit them until they were well.” My son nodded knowingly and said, “Oh I get it. The flu is like coronavirus. They’re doing quarantine.”
  • Goodbye Grandma, I love you

    As my grandmother's health failed I was only able to say goodbye, to the woman who helped raise me, over the phone. No hug, no kiss... Just all the love I could send over in my voice. She passed away the next day.
  • Missing my mom

    The only way to see my mom was over video chat, she began to get depressed and I introduced her to filters, she laughed for an hour and even got props out!!!!
  • Farm life

    This shows that Farmers standing for the safety of our country in rural areas too.
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