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  • Social Distancing at Olson's

    Olson's Ice Cream in Eau Claire had floor markers with their logo to show customers where to stand in order to maintain social distancing.
  • It Makes You Considerate

    This sign was placed near the checkout lines at Marketplace grocery store in Rice Lake. It states that staying 6 feet apart "doesn't make you makes you considerate." Also visible is an X on the floor used to show customers where to stand to maintain social distance.
  • Confusing Time for Pirates

    This meme pokes fun at the markers that are found on the floor in buildings and on the ground outside showing people where to stand to stay 6 feet apart. The caption reads, "What a confusing time to be a pirate."
  • Court Open: Increased Risk

    This is an example of signage posted in McDonough Park, after the parks had reopened, to remind people to continue practicing distancing, wash hands, and wear masks. No vaccine, or new COVID-19 specific treatments, were available at this time.
  • COVID 19 Journal of a 5th Grader

    My daughter was asked by her 5th grade teacher to submit her journal entries regarding the Corona Virus pandemic. This was an assignment that they worked on while doing their at home learning over the last few weeks.We have submitted the questions that were asked to her along with her responses.
  • Ellie Faith Cross Stitch

    My grandma Karen made this cross stitch for my new baby daughter, Ellie. She worked on the project for several months. Baby Ellie loves it!
  • Just keep swimming

    A family offers an uplifting message of encouragement to the neighborhood. Spotted while taking a walk through Rice Lake.
  • Keeping one cow or two calves away

    A sign at a local grocery store plays on Wisconsin's history and association with dairy farming in this sign advising social distancing. An adjacent sign also advises customers that of the limits on fresh turkey purchases, a result of food shortages linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Basketball court closed

    A sign in Demmler Park notifies visitors that the basketball court has been closed due to the pandemic, and provides tips to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19.
  • Social Distancing

    At Riverside Bike and Skate shop in Eau Claire, shoppers are notified that they must practice social distancing of 6 feet inside the store. All customers had to wait outside for employees to first make sure there are not a maximum number of customers in the store.
  • The new normal

    On a grocery run to Woodman's Food Market in Altoona, a shopper wears a cloth mask to protect from the virus.
  • Social Distancing on Eau Claire Transit Bus

    This is a picture of how the Eau Claire buses are implementing social distancing guidelines. Caution tape was put on seats that people could not sit in and orange tape was put on seats people were allowed to sit it. Caution tape was also used to separate the front and the back of the bus. No one was allowed to sit in the front of the bus near the driver unless the person was handicapped. Anyone needing to ride the bus boarded through the side door near the middle of the bus. Bus fares were waved during this time because it kept the driver safe from exposure and no one had to deal with contaminated money. The number of people allowed to ride the bus was severely reduced due to blocked seating. Some buses were only allowed to carry a max of seven people. If there were more than the number allowed, someone had to get off the bus.
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