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Donation Information:

All items contributed will be considered a donation to the Special Collections and Archives Department of McIntyre Library and/or the Chippewa Valley Museum. Special Collections and Archives along with the Chippewa Valley Museum will collaborate on the long-term preservation of donated content. Donors under the age of 18 must seek parent or guardian permission before submitting content.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to upload these items on behalf of contributors under the age of 18. Contributed items may be made available online through a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 agreement.

Privacy Information:

This site collects names and email addresses along with submissions. This information is not shared with the general public. If you would like your contribution to remain anonymous please indicate "anonymous" or leave fields blank when completing either the "creator" or "contributor" submission fields as appropriate.


We want to adhere to copyright and intellectual property rights to the greatest extent possible, but given the community contributed nature of this project that may not always be possible. If you feel that an item available through this site violates your copyright please contact us. We want to work with rights owners to make sure that public access does not violate their rights.


We reserve the right to curate content available through this site. We want to make everything submitted available to the general public, but due to redundancy, quality, copyright or other factors we may not be able to make everything publically available. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.