About this Project

This digital exhibit was created by students enrolled in Dr. Cheryl Jiménez Frei's Introduction to Public History course, at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in spring 2023. We are deeply grateful to Eleanor Jones for donating materials from her private collection to the UW-Eau Claire Special Collections and Archives at the McIntyre Library. We were honored to be offered a glimpse into her experiences and trailblazing efforts in the Marine Corps Women's Reserve Band. 

We would like to thank Greg Kocken, Head of Special Collections, and Sarah Beer, Assistant Archivist, at the McIntyre Library, for their assistance with this project. 

This exhibit would not have been possible without the research conducted by the following UWEC undergraduate students:

Nick Beattie
Nathan Becker
Alexis Casares
Ashton Davis
Lauren Garbisch
Kate Gibbons
Rohith Jagaraj    
Kate Johnson
Roshan Karki

Sam Kern Steffen
Kaitlin Koch    
Kiki Kussow
Avery Lawrence
Michael Macdonald
Tiffany Miron
Harlea Monson
Ben Olund

Tim Smith
Angelo Speros
Elliott Tuvey
Matthew Westrich
Dawson Wodsedalek
Carson Wolla
Noah Yerama